/50 Last Dates

50 Last Dates

Still here 🙂 Last night I actually slept really well. I didn’t get in a nap yesterday, so I think my body just needed to catch up. Maybe now that I’m well rested the baby will know I have the energy for labor! I did still roll over 1,000 times and have super sore hips, as usual, but total sleep hours were at a max for the last few weeks.

I had whipped banana oatmeal with PB&J for breakfast.

I can’t really nap in the mornings unless I’m sick, but I did rest yesterday with my book. I’m reading Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman, which my mom bought (we share a Kindle Household). Apparently it’s from the 90s and there’s a movie about it with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock! It’s an odd book, but I’m enjoying it so far.


Speaking of Kindles, did you see there’s a new Paperwhite that is waterproof (hello bathtub!), includes Audible so you can flip between audio books and text, and it has a flush face so particles of sand don’t get stuck in there while reading on the beach. I am obsessed with my Kindle and do not need a new one what-so-ever, but am coveting the new one. Maybe they’ll have a killer Black Friday deal? Or maybe someone wants to buy my Paperwhite used.

Post rest numbers:

I had a few appointments yesterday (chiropractor included) and came home to make this epic sandwich for lunch: egg, pepperjack cheese, cream cheese, avocado, spinach, honey mustard. Plus apple (my favorite lunch side these days) and pita chips.

I also squeezed in a walk – it was the most beautiful warm fall day in history!

Mazey and our neighbor played Legos nicely together for a while before heading to Matt’s for the night.

In an effort to take our minds off of the baby, we went out on another date. In fact, we’re going on “last dates” every night we can until this baby comes out.

We went low-key to Citizen Burger where I had a mini smash burger with pimento cheese and pickles and sweet potato fries. My stomach space is low and I barely touched the fries, but I brought them home for lunch for Mazen. I got a small scoop of ice cream while we strolled the mall, which was a mistake because I felt so uncomfortably full I had trouble getting in bed two hours later (bedtime heartburn is a new thing for me.)

It really never crossed my mind that I’d be in the hospital on my birthday, but if he comes today or tomorrow that will be the case! I also really didn’t think I would deliver late again. My mom gave birth in week 39 twice, and Thomas was born a week early, so I just thought I had genetics on my side (I read an article that gestation length is mostly genetic somewhere.) Just shows you never know! Here we are. Because I’m hoping for another drug-free birth, I really hope we don’t have to turn to induction, but I’ll be doing some kind of acupuncture early next week if we cross that bridge. I hope that full moon keep its energy going one more night! I’m doing my best to stay busy and keep my spirits optimistic!

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