/Avoid These Toxic Fruits and Vegetables
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Avoid These Toxic Fruits and Vegetables

Avoid these top 12 toxic fruits and vegetables

Each year EWG ranks produce for pesticide residue and presents consumers with both the safest and most toxic choices – here’s the latest list.

Is there anything more innocent than a plump red strawberry picked straight from the ground, still warm from the sun?

For this year’s annual Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce, Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that more than one-third of the strawberry samples tested contained 10 or more pesticide residues and breakdown products. One strawberry sample was riddled with 22 pesticide residues. Forget poison apples, conventional strawberries could be the new fruit of doom offered by villain queens…



Pesticides on Produce: The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen


9 fruits and vegetables with a poisonous side

We know to avoid mysterious mushrooms, but some unassuming crops also pack a wallop of harmful toxins when eaten under certain conditions.

Plants are wonderfully wise and have devised all sorts of schemes to ensure their survival. Among other strategies, some entice pollinators to provide an assist in the romance department, some employ the elements to disperse their seeds, and some have developed small arsenals of chemical weapons to avoid being eaten by predators. It’s the last one that should concern us plant-eaters the most…