I had a last-minute project come in that I finished yesterday, but otherwise my to-do list is clear. I don’t want to schedule anything – even a walking date with a friend or appointment – just because I don’t want to have to cancel anything if labor happens! Of course I’m not simply sitting around twiddling my thumbs; I’m just not making plans and doing what feels right in the moment.

I’ve had a few rounds of what I guess is false/early labor. Contractions that are intense and different feeling than my usual Braxton Hicks, but they don’t really hurt or form a regular pattern. They say every contraction you have is productive, even if you’re not in active labor, so I’m happy every time one happens. “I’ll know when I know” it’s the real thing!

Breakfast vibes:


I walked downtown on Monday and went to a prenatal class at Bend. I wish I had gone to more classes there throughout this pregnancy, but the scheduling just didn’t quite match up, and I was in the mood for higher intensity exercise until lately. I hope I’m able to take Baby B to some of their mommy + me classes like I did with Mazey. They have some great offerings.

Afterwards I went to The Juice Place and got a Vacation juice and this delicious caprese pesto panini!

Thomas smoked a pork butt on Sunday, and we had that for dinner along with homemade fries and slaw. I love that he loves to smoke things for Sunday dinners! Makes meal planning that day easy : )

On Monday night we went out for what we hope was our final date night to Lampo, one of my very favorite Cville restaurants. We shared the small-but-mighty kale salad and the marinated olives.

Plus two pizzas, half of which came home with us for lunches. The Prosciutto pizza in the back with lemon and arugula is my favorite!!

Who knows – we might have several more dates nights left. I’m OK with that because it’s something we won’t be able to do for a while! I really want to see “A Star Is Born” too…

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