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Oatmealing Around

Morning!! I put up an Instagram Story saying there was no news, but I’m sure some of you thought my post delay meant news 🙂 I personally love it when bloggers go into baby watch (I’m stalking Ashley, Jenna, Jasmine, and Kelli who are all due this week or next! Plus a handful of real-life and DM friends 🙂 ) On Monday I had an aching low back and some really strong and unusual (but sporadic) contractions. On Tuesday I felt totally fine. Yesterday, Wednesday, the back ache (similar to my old period cramps) picked up again with 8-10 super strong BH that caught my attention and were a little uncomfortable. But, no pain, no pattern. I used a little contraction counter app to track them just because, and the app flashed a little pop-up on the screen that said “You are not in labor.” Ugh, thanks for the reminder!!! :mrgreen:

Today is my sister and Thomas’s brother’s joint birthday, so I’m hoping Baby B was waiting to join his aunt and uncle in the 10.18 club! I really hope he’s not waiting until 10.26 to share my birthday, but if he did that would honestly be really cute. It’s also a high possibility because I’d be 40+4.

Since I’m writing this in the morning, here’s what I ate yesterday!


Oatmeal for breakfast with granola and peanut butter. A total KERF classic!

Remember when my morning post was 5 pictures of the same meal? Here’s another view of the oatmeal *laughing crying face* (WordPress, you need to get emoji-compatible ASAP – we can’t communicate without emojis!)

I went for a ~3 mile hike with my friend Emily late morning. It was so lovely to be out walking in crisp fall temps wearing a jacket. Also can I say how excited I am to walk with a stroller again? It’s one of the top things I miss about having a little one!

During our hike we talked about baguette sandwiches, and I had.to.have. one afterwards, so we went by Feast and I picked up a really good goat cheese and fresh bread. I turned that into a sandwich with sliced pear and spinach with just a little raspberry jam. SO good! Plus leftover Lampo olives. The day before I had this grilled cheese with apples and the new Applegate Naturals cheese that uses pasture-raised cow’s milk. It was epic. Guess I’m totally on a cheese + fruit sandwich kick!

Gus followed me around a lot yesterday. I’m looking for signs wherever I can spot them!

Mazen loves playing in Thomas’s truck. Really glad there is still a decade till that boy can drive! He built a fort in the truck bed that provided a solid few hours of entertainment after school.

Last night’s dinner was Cookie + Kate’s Roasted Butternut Squash Soup plus baguette with goat cheese and avocado that we smashed into the bread with each bite! I picked this recipe because it called for the squash to be roasted whole in advance (so I didn’t have to chop it up) and the blended in the Vitamix when cool. It was good and easy!

Survivor was a good one. I do love a good blindside! Anyone else watching this season?

Hope you guys have a great day!

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