/The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

When you and your due date twin realize your #Octoberbaby could actually be born in November.

^^^ Don’t Erica and I look thrilled?! She’s a local friend, and we share(d) a due date. We went for a walk yesterday with Carly, who had her baby two weeks ago. Erica and I had fun pushing Carly’s baby in the stroller. #Strollerenvy  My dad’s birthday is November 1, so if baby stepped one foot into November that would still be fun.

Early morning breakfast jam. Couple more dates in there! Plus oatmeal. I’ve been craving oatmeal hard this week!


After my walk later in the day, I met Sarah’s mom for lunch! She’s in town and we share a birthday, so we did a little birthday lunch together to help keep my mind distracted. We went to Marie Bette where I had the MOST EPIC kale salad! Seriously, this might have been the best salad I’ve had all year. The dressing, toppings, and chiffonade kale were all perfect. I ate every bite, which was great since my salad game has not been up to snuff lately.

I met Mazen at the school bus and we spent some time perusing the Target toy catalog. This comes a few times a year in the mail, conveniently before Christmas, and he LOVES looking through it and circling toys he wants to put on his Christmas list. It’s not exactly that useful to me if he circles every toy as he tends to do, but it’s a fun activity nonetheless.

Then we got ready for a little afternoon pumpkin carving! Thomas’s mom brought over two huge pumpkins, and we all had fun creating two designs. (She also brought the medical gloves which were a big hit for someone who doesn’t like to get his hands “messy” :mrgreen: )

We had Belmont Pizza for dinner and then lit up the pumpkins for a test run after dark!

You know your child is independent when he can serve himself his own little bowl of ice cream – LOL!

I slept pretty well last night again, something I am super thankful for knowing what’s on the horizon. Every time I rolled over I got a super strong Braxton-Hicks contraction – like the total body consuming kind – but nothing painful yet. Today I have a non-stress test and ultrasound scheduled along with my 40 week appointment to make sure the baby is OK in there. I’m glad they are checking on things. Thomas is coming with me, and we are bringing our hospital bags with us just in case we are sent over to the hospital. I’ll keep you posted on Insta!

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