/Addiction Rehabilitation for Young Adult Men With Substance Use Disorders
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Addiction Rehabilitation for Young Adult Men With Substance Use Disorders

Addiction rehabilitation for young adult men with substance use disorders, and intensive family programming in the sun and saltwater of Hobe Sound, FL.

We believe successful treatment requires attention to the individual, the family, and the patient’s post-treatment landscape. The Voyage model intentionally provides for each of these areas, building a foundation for lifelong remission.

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Real Families, Real Recovery

Family participation in the recovery process is crucial and we are honored by the trust and commitment families give us. Family members are deeply affected by their loved one’s addiction and need their own path to recovery, and family recovery creates a much…

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Rising to the Challenge of Recovery

How we respond to both pleasure and pain is ruled by the limbic system, the part of the brain involved in motivation, emotion, learning and memory, and that’s ultimately responsible for our self-preservation. It is what helps us develop coping mechanisms, which are…

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The Practical Side of Love in Recovery

Our staff became Wilderness First Aid certified, and learned the practical side of love too…

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Family program helps heal generational wounds. We provide on-going support to family members to rebuild trust and relationships in the context of treatment and recovery. Our intensive Family Week program offers an individualized curriculum that helps family members learn, heal, and fine-tune coping and community skills.

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