/Lifestyle Wellness Program – Science of Acupuncture – Longevity Vitamins – Cryotherapy
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Lifestyle Wellness Program – Science of Acupuncture – Longevity Vitamins – Cryotherapy

Physical Activity is a Key Lifestyle Behavior – How Exercise Can Help You Age Well

South Florida’s First Lifestyle Wellness Program Geared for Better Health – by Dr. Hillel Harris and MD SPORTS, INC.

Firstly, this is an individualized program geared towards those who want to take control of their health. You will take part in a complete preventative health program laid out for you by Dr. Harris. The program is based on the principles of Lifestyle Medicine, which focuses on nutrition, physical activity, stress management, proper rest, social engagement, and avoidance of harmful substances…



Science of Acupuncture – Heal Your Body – Cellular Health – Sports Massage for Athletes

Heal Your Body, Reduce Pain and Inflammation With Massage, Yoga, Acupuncture and Meditation

Heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, arthritis, acid reflux, bacterial or viral infections, candidiasis, and acne could all be signs of chronic, low-grade inflammation in the body. Chronic, low-grade inflammation is considered a leading cause of premature aging and disease…



Longevity Vitamins – Cellular Health Technology – Cryotherapy: Pros and Cons – Body Cleansing

Can a Vitamin Combo Prolong Your Life?

Vitamins are nutrients that when synthesized or assimilated in the right quantities support our health and well-being. A new review suggests that a set of known and newly categorized vitamins can help prolong a person’s lifespan, and promote health well into old age.

“Longevity vitamins,” according to the researchers, are the nutrients which support the function of “longevity proteins,” and allow the human body to remain healthy, and live for an extended period.

Over 30 vitamins sustain longevity…



Professional Athletes Use Cryotherapy for Faster Recovery and to Improve Athletic Performance

New Evidence for Ice and Cryotherapy in Sport

Cryotherapy is one of my favorite topics in sports science and sports medicine, and I’ve monitored updates in the scientific research for a long time. After reading nearly 400 studies on thermotherapy and examining all of the variables, I’ve found using ice is still an enigma. Some new research, as well as some old conflicting research, still leaves the community with more questions about its value for sport…